Hospital investigates unnecessary stent operations

Hospital investigates unnecessary stent operations

WESTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - St. John Medical Center in Westlake is investigating a former doctor after dozens of stent operations.

The doctor no longer has privileges at the hospital, but now the patients could be at risk for complications.

The complications the patients would be a risk for, we're told, are the same as any other patient with a stent.

What may be even scarier is that the doctor now has privileges at Southwest General.

It's one of the most explosive announcements to come out of St. John Medical Center ever, the hospital itself releasing the news that one of the Cardiologists who worked there accused of putting stents in patients that didn't need them between 2009 and February of this year.

"Out of a subset of cases we sent out, 23 of them my have had unnecessary stenting,"said Dr. Michael Dobrovich of St. John Medical Center.

Staff members alerted hospital officials when they thought something wasn't right, "Some staff members noticed there was an issue in the way he was performing and interpreting the test relative to some of the other physicians."

The doctor, whose name the hospital will not release, denies doing anything wrong, saying he will appeal.  The hospital alerted his patients by a letter.

Their reactions, just what you would expect, "As you can imagine, under the circumstances the emotions run the gammet."

St. John's says the patients who they suspect have had these unnecessary stents will now face the same risks as anyone else who had the surgical procedure and will be monitored by a doctor.

"We have to do the right thing by our patients no matter how painful it may be."

Southwest General has said they did their own review of this doctor at their hospital and found that there is no evidence of anything improper.

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