Cuyahoga County Sheriff calls out county judges

Cuyahoga County Sheriff calls out county judges

CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - The Cuyahoga County Sheriff sent a memo to County Judges saying if some of you worked harder, we wouldn't spend so much tax money to hold so many inmates.

The Sheriff thinks some judges should hear cases more often.

Sheriff Bob Reid speaking out with the jail severely overcrowded.

Reid wants judges moving prisoners through the system faster saying the jail has 500 inmates too man.  And the county spends big money to house some inmates at other jails.

"I certainly don't want to paint a broad brush, there's many, many judges that work very hard and there's others that don't work that hard," Reid said.

Judge Stuart Friedman reacted saying, "I think that most of us work hard."

Friedman and other judges say the jail is overcrowded due to guidelines for sentences.

Delays in getting inmates to state prisons and not enough deputies to move inmates from the jail to the courtroom.

"To say the judges don't work hard enough and it's the reason for jail overcrowding is a total misstatement of what's happening."

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