Labor Day Weekend: Picnics, parades and politics

Labor Day Weekend: Picnics, parades and politics

(WOIO) - Campaign 2012 is heating up.  It's Labor Day weekend and with the picnics and all the events comes politics.

Picnics, parades and politics.  It's an American holiday weekend and the campaigns are capitalizing on the crowds.  The great Geauga County fair was the place to be for an ear of corn and to bend the ear of voters.  Political parties, organizations and candidates are taking advantage of the thousands of potential voters making their way down the midway.

"It's just a good way for women to engage themselves in political issues and educate themselves."

The Geauga County GOP, fresh off the convention high, is hoping to sway those still on the fence.

"We're getting people here who are undecided and want to discuss issues. We're here to do that with them as well.  I think we sometimes changes people's minds."

They believe voter turnout is the key to delivering the conservative county to the republicans but over at the democratic tent they're focused on early voting and registration.

"The first thing you see when you come into our tent is the registration table, because that's the most important thing  -- that everyone have the opportunity to register and to make their voice heard."

They're registering 25 new voters a day at the fair and signing up another two dozen a day for absentee ballots. And newcomers Smart Girl Politics is adding to their followers thanks to the heavy foot traffic at the fair.
"We filled up six pages of a log, hundreds of voters.  We're getting a lot of names and a lot of email addresses. A lot of people are engaging with us, negative and positive reactions."

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