Suspected car thief charged with aggravated murder

Suspected car thief charged with aggravated murder

Aggravated murder charges have been filed in a strange crash that killed a man as he tried to stop a stolen car.

Charges were filed Tuesday morning against 24-year-old Jorge Martinez in the death of 44-year-old Buddy Blair.

The crash happened Saturday night in the 2100 block of West 98th.

Police say Blair let his friend borrow his car, and while his friend was driving it, he was approached by two men and two women with knives and baseball bats.  The four demanded the car, so the friend got out of the vehicle and fled.

While officers were interviewing the friend who had been carjacked, officers were also down the street speaking with Blair.

As Blair was talking with police, he spotted his car and jumped on the hood of the car. Officers jumped into their cruiser and followed.

The suspect, Jorge Martinez, lost control of the vehicle and hit a fire hydrant. Blair became pinned between the car and a tree, and was killed.

Martinez is due in court on Wednesday.

Police do have other suspects in jail for questioning, but it's not yet clear if they will face charges, too.

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