EXCLUSIVE: Horseshoe Casino victim speaks out about robbery

A gambler robbed outside the Horseshoe Casino speaks out. Justin Neer is the third gambler to say he got robbed in weeks. This victim says he knew his attackers.

"Two people that are supposedly my friends, those are the two people now incarcerated," says Neer.

Neer was attacked from behind Friday afternoon, on a grassy part of Public Square.

Neer says he had just won $800 at the casino. Then two guys jumped and robbed him.

"I don't think they were following me inside the casino, but the two people who choked me up I am sure they were involved in it," says Neer.

Cleveland Police arrested Jorgio Johnson and Calvin Brown on Tuesday.

Neer has a message for the suspects, "I hope you're happy you took that money. You didn't only rob me, you robbed my entire family. I don't have a lot of money. Just because I won money to take care of the things I got to take care of out here, you saw me as an easy target."

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