Editorial: Council President - It's time to come clean

Editorial: Council President - It's time to come clean

(WOIO) - Jimmy Dimora is dining on prison cuisine and his cohorts in crime, Frank Russo and J. Kevin Kelly are checking out the menu.  Are we watching the beginning of the end of the federal corruption investigation?  Well, maybe not.

Just last week, contractor Michael Forlani pleaded guilty to bribing Dimora for county business.   And here's where it gets interesting.  Four years ago, 19 Action News was the first to ask for city records involving a remodeling job at the home of Cleveland City Councilman Martin Sweeney.   Well, included were $17,000 in electrical repairs by -- you guessed it -- Michael Forlani.

Sweeeny has always sworn it wasn't a freebie, that he paid Forlani for the work.  But Sweeney has refused our request to cough up the receipts.  Well, the time has come for Sweeny to produce those receipts, or continue to cast a cloud of suspicion over Cleveland City Hall.

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