Editorial: Costly and Irrelevant

WOIO Editorial: Costly and Irrelevant

(WOIO) - National political conventions are not what they used to be.  No longer are there any smoke-filled rooms where party power brokers meet to pick the next presidential candidate.  Those decisions are made by voters in state primaries long before the convention begins.

Today's political conventions are little more than well- scripted infomercials with no surprises and little drama.  So why are they still being held and why are they still on TV?

Now, you may find this question especially relevant when you learn what they cost.  Well, this year the two conventions could exceed $100 million and guess who pays for it?  We do, the American taxpayer.  And hardly anybody is watching it on TV.  Here in Cleveland, the GOP Convention last week attracted just over 113,000 homes -- a small percentage of the total homes in the metro area and down 13% from 2008.  You know, a strong case can be made that today's political conventions are costly and irrelevant but four years from now they'll do it again.

Write and let me know what you think.  I'm Bill Applegate.

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