Fed Up: Mayfield Heights neighbors enact "Do Not Knock" list

Fed Up: Mayfield Heights neighbors enact "Do Not Knock" list

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - The people in Mayfield Heights are so fed-up with solicitors banging on their doors they've created a "Do Not Knock" list that would keep scammers off their front porch.

Much like the "Do Not Call List", aimed at keeping telemarketers from interrupting dinner the "Do Not Knock" list will protect its residents from unwanted sales pitches and more importantly, those with bad intentions.

One 92-year old is leery of those who come knocking at his Mayfield Heights home.

"On my kitchen window I put two car mirrors, one on each side, that way I can see who is in my yard and the driveway side,"said a concerned neighbor.

So he's ready to sign up for the city's new list, which makes it criminal for solicitors to come to the doors of those who've signed up.  Hundreds of residents have already added their name to the list hoping to stop scammers from even setting foot on their property.

"Because basically someone at my door is a telemarketer.  I don't do business over the phone and I certainly wouldn't do business at my home unsolicited.  You're setting yourself up for personal danger," said a Mayfield Heights resident.

Most other cities in the county require solicitor permits but Mayor Greg Costabile says it's difficult to enforce those, so this list will be distributed to anyone found trying to sell something door to door.

"We think that what we've done is we've balanced the issues of somebody who wants to solicit still able to, but also we've preserved the safety health and welfare of our neighborhoods," said Mayor Greg Costabile.

And this list has teeth.

"Once the person has a copy of the list and the owner of the home does not want you to enter their property, there can and will be a charge of criminal trespass," said Mayor Greg Costabile.

This ordinance does not restrict Girl Scouts, high school bands, religious groups or politicians.

You have to sign up at city hall.

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