Malley's Sweet Payoff: Getting paid to drive your own car

(WOIO) - The economy is something both presidential candidates will continue talking about, since many are still feeling the effects from the recession.

But northeast Ohioans are getting creative when it comes to making ends meet.  A local company is making an offer many people can't refuse. All you have to do is drive around in a chocolate car!  Malley's offering $150 a month for people to get behind the wheel of a pink Malley's car.  It's supplementing incomes and boosting a local business.

Anybody who's met Patti Komperda knows she loves chocolate But now you don't have to meet her to figure that out.  She's one of nearly 30 Clevelanders who signed up to wrap their VW Bugs in Malley's colors and logos.

"We need to support local and Malley's has just been a wonderful company for families, for schools, for the cities in which they're located.  I think it's a good place to support and here I am, their very own advertisement," said Patti Komperda.

She bought the bug, crunched the numbers and now she can supplement her retirement with this deal.

"I'm a retired teacher and I work part time at my church. I wanted to make just a little extra on this and I am. It cut my car payment in half," said Patti Komperda.

Dan Malley says this is the sweetest idea they've had yet.

"We've had more response from this promotion than we've had with any other piece of advertising we've done," said Dan Malley.

"I'm driving down the street and people are waiving, saying I like your car -- hey candy lady,"  said Patti Komperda.

Malley says they can't do anything inside the box in these tough economic times.

"What do you have to do to stay successful in this environment? Projects like this are totally fun, unique that make people talk about you, come visit your store," said Dan Malley.

There are two more cars available in this deal.  If you're interested in driving the remaining two Malley's cars, contact Dan Malley at their corporate office or CLICK. You have to buy the car, then collect the checks -- and if the Dan Malley sees you on the road, he'll pay you double that month.

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