Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney campaigns in Mansfield

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney campaigns in Mansfield

MANSFIELD, OH (WOIO) - Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney campaigned in Northeast Ohio on Monday afternoon.

Romney attended a Victory rally at PR Machine Works, Inc. in Mansfield.

The event started at 2:30 p.m. and was open to the public.

After Romney's visit, President Obama's campaign released the following statement:

"President Obama is looking out for Ohio's small businesses by cutting taxes 18 times since taking office while the Romney-Ryan plan would raise taxes on most small businesses to help pay for more tax cuts for millionaires. At the same time, it's ironic that Mitt Romney has chosen to push his doom and gloom economic message at a company that is adding jobs and expanding its facilities under President Obama, especially one whose clients include automakers which are thriving in spite of Romney's desire to ‘let Detroit go bankrupt.'"—Jessica Kershaw, Press Secretary, Obama for America – Ohio

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