Text tip leads U.S. Marshals to fugitive hiding in attic

Text tip leads U.S. Marshals to fugitive hiding in attic

(WOIO) - Early Tuesday morning, members of the U.S. Marshals Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force, arrested Julian Tyes, after receiving a text tip revealing the fugitive's location.

Members of the U. S. Marshals Task Force in Cleveland received a text tip and investigators wasted no time responding to it. The tip provided officers with an address of a family member where Tyes spent the night. Task Force members confirmed the address as a known family member and they made contact at the residence. Task Force members arrived at the residence located on the 12500 Block of Oakview Boulevard in Garfield Heights and the fugitive attempted to hide in the attic. Tyes eventually surrendered after officers talked him out of the attic without incident.

Tyes was wanted for two separate incidents. The first charge being a carjacking that happened in June and the more recent a domestic violence incident. During the domestic violence incident it is alleged that Tyes threw a brick through the window of his girlfriend's car while his small child was in the back seat.

Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Roberto Robinson said, "If you have the ability to send a text messages then you have the power to help keep the community safe. The tipster wisely sent a text message to our text tipline and our dispatch center immediately relayed to our alert Investigators who did an outstanding job ending this manhunt without anyone getting hurt."

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