Investigation launched after string of Lake County home burglaries

Investigation launched after string of Lake County home burglaries

LAKE COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - The Lake County Sheriff's Office is investigating after a string of burglaries during the early evening hours on Monday.

Two of the burglaries happened in Perry Township. The first home was burglarized on River Road, and the second on South Ridge Road.

The third burglary report was on Vrooman Road, near Carter Road in Leroy Township.

All of the burglaries involved the suspect(s) making forced entry into either a rear window and/or a rear door. Once entry was gained, the suspect(s) stole several items of jewelry from the interior of the homes.

Anyone with information regarding these attempted burglaries should report their information to the Lake County Sheriff's office at (440) 350-5620, or you can contact via email by using our website at:

The Sheriff's Office encourages everyone to keep their doors and windows secured when not at home, always maintain adequate lighting on the exterior of the home to discourage criminals, and report any unusual activity in the neighborhood.

It is recommended that all residents keep good inventories of all of your personal belongings so you can accurately report any missing property in your home. Such information is key to an investigation by law enforcement. Having recent photographs of your property, especially jewelry and other valuables, aids in locating and identifying recovered items. Engraving valuables for quick identification discourages criminals, and makes property identification much easier.

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