Parma High School student busted with fake bomb

Parma High School student busted with fake bomb

PARMA, OH (WOIO) - A 15 year-old male student was arrested Tuesday morning at Parma High School for bringing a fake explosive device to school.

A concerned and shaken student notified staff that they had observed what was believed to be a homemade bomb being carried by another student.

The device was described as being box shaped, wrapped in blue paper with wires hanging from it. When first observed, the student with the device had it in a backpack, which was open and he was showing it to other students.

An off-duty Parma officer working security at the school was notified of the incident. The student with the device was identified through the use of a yearbook.

When confronted, the student directed authorities to a second floor locker where they located the components of the device that had been dismantled. The wrapping paper was located in a second empty locker.

Other witnesses who had been shown the device described it as being a box shaped device, wrapped in paper with a cell phone and wires attached to the outside. The student who brought the device to school claimed it was "only a joke."

He was taken into custody and is facing serious criminal charges.

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