The average retail cost of a gallon of gas jumps again

The average retail cost of a gallon of gas jumps again

The expected fall of gasoline prices with the end of the summer driving season seems to be weeks away.

"It's breaking my pocket and I can't save any money," said a Cleveland driver.

The up and down the gas price game is enough to drive anyone crazy but many say they have no choice and it's not enough to put the brakes on filling up.

"It was $3.60 something so I got out of my bed and I came to fill up my truck just so I could have some gas," said a Cleveland driver.

19 Action News has been tracking the prices at the pump for weeks now. Aug 13th the average was $3.78 for regular unleaded in the Cleveland area then more than a week later it drops to $3.66 and then back up to $3.91. On September ninth it fell to $3.78 and just two days later a we see a 10 cent jump!

We spotted several stations around town with gas already near $4 a gallon.

"One time before they were blaming it on the storm, then they said the holidays and now what is the excuse now," asked a Cleveland driver.

Our friends at Gas Buddy told us crude and gasoline inventory, along with refinery operations, are all down and when the supply is tight we feel it at the pump. The Midwest is the hardest hit with 2 major refineries shut down.

A company analyst also says the supply remains tight and the oil industry is still bringing capacity back after Hurricane Isaac hit the Gulf.

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