Editorial Reply: Michael Kernicki

WOIO Editorial Reply: Michael Kernicki

(WOIO) - My name is Michael Kernicki and I am responding to Bill Applegate's Editorial about the political conventions.

We the people should not be responsible for paying to sponsor three days of the biggest "love yourself" gatherings for both parties.  The convention costs should be paid through the millions of dollars raised by each committee.

Lately comments made while campaigning by our president are beneath that office and frankly embarrassing to America.  As for Mr. Romney, he should be ashamed for playing the same game because CEO's just do not act this way.  If the mudslinging continues, we should not stand for it and demand it to stop.

Candidates tend to blame their pacs, well, that's like someone telling their best friend in high school to spread lies about another kid.  Neither candidate would stand for their children to act this way.  Why should we?

It's up to us to demand some sembelance of decorum in this campaign!  Hopefully, this can happen going forward.  If so, it would make the American people proud.  Thank you.

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