Editorial: Art Modell - Lessons Learned

WOIO Editorial: Art Modell - Lessons Learned

(WOIO) - Long after the new Browns win a Superbowl, we'll still be debating the legacy of the old Browns and its owner, Art Modell, who died last week.  But, as time passes and memories fade, the unbridled furor over Modell's move to Baltimore will surely subside.

Well, what we shouldn't forget, though, are the cryptic actions of Cleveland's political leaders who hastened Modell's exit.  Yes, the back-biting and backroom deals.  The cloak and dagger approach to politics and the pitting of one sports franchise owner against another -- conditions that existed in Cleveland in the mid-90's when city leaders were busy building new ballparks and arenas and as a team owner snuck out of town.

None of this, of course, excuses Mr. Modell for what he did to this city and its fans but he wasn't the only villain.  The loss of the Browns was truly a "team" effort.

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