Weeden, Richardson Look To Bounce Back In Week 2

Berea (WOIO) - They're the two top rookies on your Cleveland Browns, and are both coming off disastrous NFL debuts, but on Wednesday, both Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeded sounded confident that their careers will start to roll Sunday in Cincinnati.  The following contains excerpts of their media sessions at Browns headquarters:

Trent Richardson

(On if his expectations go up a lot for his second game)- "Yeah, most definitely. My expectations are always going to be high. I always set my goals high and the sky is always the limit as I see it as how good I can be or how good this team can be as a group and as a unit how much we can come together and try to do the best we can to win."

(On how Brandon Weeden has been after a tough game)- "Brandon's been up-tempo. He knows that we are all behind him and we've got to make sure that he knows that we're all behind him. Brandon's been doing his job, been throwing good today, he's feeling good, he's not down on himself at all. Everybody knows they are going to have some ups and downs and Brandon knows that too. We don't put that on Brandon, we should have put him in better positions. With everything, we've got to help our defense out. Brandon's just been taking control and doing his job."

(On if he is ready to go in on third down if the team needs him this week)- "I'm going to play my role. If coach needs me on third down, I'm going to go in on third down. If he needs Brandon (Jackson) to be in there, if he needs Chris (Ogbonnaya) to be in there, Montario (Hardesty), whoever it is we are all out here hungry for the same thing. We are all ready to win so whichever one of us he puts in there, we will do everything it takes to win."

Brandon Weeden

(On what gives him confidence that this week will be better than last)- "It can't be any worse than it was the first week and I mean that jokingly. We're all going to have rough stretches. I think obviously mine was the first week. I look at the mistakes I made, and you guys saw them. Guys were wide open and I missed them. That's not my character. That's not the way I usually throw the football. I'm confident. I was up here pretty much all day yesterday, I was here first thing this morning. I'm just really harping on the mistakes I made and trying to correct those going into this week. They are a little bit different style of defense, but still a very good defense, but a little bit different style. The game plan is not all in yet, but I think day one was pretty good."

(On if Coach Shurmur talked to him about having confidence in him)- "I talked to Coach Shurmur on Monday and again yesterday. Mr. Heckert said the same thing. It's one bad game, if you put it all into perspective. If I continue to do bad things, that's on me, but I think I've got to continue to build. I think they have a lot of confidence in me and my abilities, and they wouldn't have named me the starter if they didn't. I think that's still the thing, I've got to prove to them that I'm the guy. I've got to continue to prove that I can get better and not make the same mistake twice and go forward. I appreciate all the confidence they have in me. I think I have the same confidence in myself. I just got to play better, that's all there is to it. When it's all said and done and you drop the helmet, you've got to play better, that's the bottom line."

(On what he will be seeing from the Bengals defense that will differ from what he saw from the Eagles defense and the challenges that they provide)– "They're both really good defenses. I think up front they've got guys that can rush the passer as well. They've got Geno Atkins in the middle, which can cause some trouble as far as the run and pass. He's a good player. Their linebackers are built a little bit different, they're not speed guys quite like Philly was, but they're great players. In the middle with (Rey) Maualuga, it kind of starts with him. Secondary-wise they've got Taylor Mays and (Reggie) Nelson, guys that can play back there. They have a bunch of corners that are veteran guys, (Terence) Newman, (Nate) Clements. Scheme-wise they are still a four-down team like they are, but they just built a little bit different and just some of the schemes and coverages and stuff they do are a little bit different. They're a good defense as well."