Security Lapse?: Action News get action at Cleveland Water plant

Security Lapse?: Action News get action at Cleveland Water plant

19 Action News is getting action after we simply walked into a high-security water plant -- part of a critical system supplying water all over northeast Ohio.

We wanted to find out how could we just walk onto that property?  In fact, anyone could.  So what does that mean for your water?  At first, we had trouble getting straight answers.

"But I mean was it a break down in security.  We can't get into security measures.  We're taking a detailed look at what occurred but I can't get into specifics about security measures at any of our facilities," said Jason Wood of the Cleveland Water Dept.

The city did say there was never any danger to the water.  And after reporter Ed Gallek started questioning them, the water department shut that gate and added a guard.  According to the water department the gate had been broken for weeks and workers propped it open.

That was earlier this month, now the city is starting to dish out internal punishment to workers for letting this happen.  We don't have specifics yet but we've learned the targets of the discipline include bosses in a police force run by the water department.

"We're already starting the process to replace the gate.  We're already taking bids and we now have a guard at the shack 24/7 to insure the security of the facility," said Jason Wood, Cleveland Water.

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