Beachwood House Fire, Embassy Protests, Water Department Security

Beachwood firefighters extinguished a house fire Wednesday night on Edgewood Road shortly after 11 p.m.  Neighbors tell 19 Action News the homeowner takes in foster children, and several were living with her when the blaze broke out. The fire caused significant damage, but luckily no one was injured. The Beachwood Fire Chief plans to release more details on Thursday.

There has been mass protests at the United States embassy in Yemen on Thursday. Eyewitnesses say a large number of protesters attempted to storm the building in the capital city of Sanaa and that about a half dozen reached the main gate.  They apparently tried to break the windows of the security room.  A spokesman for the Republic of Yemen in Washington, DC said security personnel have restored order to the complex. He also said Yemen condemns all acts of violence against any diplomatic personnel or facilities.

19 Action News is asking hard questions after we simply walked into a high-security water plant Tuesday night -- part of a critical system supplying water all over northeast Ohio.  We wanted to find out how could we just walk onto that property? In fact, anyone could. So what does that mean for your water? We had trouble getting straight answers.  "But I mean was it a break down in security. We can't get into security measures. We're taking a detailed look at what occurred but I can't get into specifics about security measures at any of our facilities," said Jason Wood of the Cleveland Water Dept. The city did say there was never any danger to the water. And after reporter Ed Gallek started questioning them, the water department shut that gate and added a guard.

Julia Tullos, WOIO Assignment Manager