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Woman accused of scamming 98-year-old nun

A woman is facing charges for taking part in an international scam!

Tavette Taylor is accused of cheating a 98-year-old nun out of big money. A man kept calling the nun for more money. Police say Taylor helped set her up.

"I do NOT have mental impairment. I do NOT have dementia," says the former nun.

Investigators believe Taylor and a man from Jamaica ran a scam, convinced the victim she had won millions in an out of state lottery. She just had to send money to cover taxes and things.

19 Action News learned Taylor lived nearby and kept coming to the victim's west side apartment. When Taylor was there, the phone would ring, with the scammer on the other end.

The victim lost $100,000; insurance money she had saved up for young relatives.

"They took all that money and didn't provide a prize of any kind. So I think they're just scammers," says the former nun.

Investigators may never catch the guy in Jamaica, not likely to get the money back.

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