Eagles RB: Ref told me to play well for his fantasy team

Eagles RB: Ref told me to play well for his fantasy team
Eagles RB: Ref told me to play well for his fantasy team

In Week 2, a number of games drew criticism for the work of the replacement refs. Among those was the Ravens-Eagles game, which got more than a little chippy. Philadelphia running back LeSean McCoy said one of the refs in his game was talking about his fantasy football team.

McCoy joined 94 WIP's Anthony Gargano and Ike Reese on Monday and was asked about the job the refs are doing. The running back called them "fans" and said one of them specifically mentioned his fantasy team during the game.

"They're like fans, kind of though," McCoy said. "I'll be honest, they're like fans. One of the refs was talking about his fantasy team, like, 'McCoy, come on. I need you for my fantasy,' ahhh, what?!"

Now, McCoy said this jokingly, laughing about the comment. But we have to assume he's being serious when he quotes someone on a radio show, especially since he cited another specific example of Ray Lewis basically scaring a replacement ref by puffing up his chest.

"During the game, they made like a bad call or something, the ref, and I see Ray Lewis like pump his chest up, trying to scare him," McCoy said. "Don't you know [the ref] started stuttering? I'm like, 'What's this?!'"

This should make Roger Goodell and the NFL, um, not very happy. There's no question the replacement refs are intimidated by the stage they're on. That's quite obvious.

But if refs are on the field talking to players about their fantasy football teams, that's really, really bad. It's even worse when the guy charged with objectively deciding what should happen in a game specifically mentions the outcome of a possibly-involving-money game of chance like fantasy football to a player.

Even if the official was trying to be funny, it's still a train wreck that couldn't come at a worse possible time.

Originally posted by Will Brinson on CBSSports.com