It's not too early to get your flu shot

It's not too early to get your flu shot

Have you noticed the sniffling and sneezing at work or school?  Well 'tis the season for the flu!

And if you haven't gotten your flu shot yet -- they're out there and we some fast and easy places you can go.

Libby Peck is doing a little grocery shopping. She was picking up dinner at Giant Eagle when we ran into her but that's not all that's on her list.  She's getting a flu shot at the store's pharmacy. The marketing employee tells us she's busy and doesn't have a lot of time.

"Making doctors appointments is hard with working full time so the grocery store is very convenient," said Libby Peck.

And when it comes to getting the flu shot there are a lot of options but some prefer going to their doctor.

"Because insurance covers it there," said one shopper.  And some workplaces even offer it to their employees.

"I can just take five minutes at work and get the flu shot and not have to go somewhere," stated another shopper.

Many drug stores like Walgreens also offer the shot.  Pharmacist Lori Giguere tells us now's the time to get vaccinated.  "Everyone is susceptible especially when the weather gets colder and kids are in school it's just the time to do it now," said Pharmacist Lori Giguere.

The flu shot is usually free if you have Medicare or Medicaid but if your insurance doesn't cover it or you don't have insurance you'll pay about $32 at Walgreens and around $28 at Giant Eagle.  The store will even give you 20 cents towards your fuel perks at GetGo.  You can also get the shot for about $26 at the Cuyahoga County Health Department.  Infants through kids up to 18 can get the shot free under the vaccine for children program.

As for Libby her insurance picked up the tab. Now she's hoping to be flu free this season.

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