Browns owner Jimmy Haslam talks stadium improvements

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam talks stadium improvements

Cleveland Browns new owner Jimmy Haslam brought his Tennessee charm and smile to City Hall on Wednesday morning.

Cleveland's City Council members hit him up with question after question, and he made it clear from the get go - the Pittsburgh Steelers game at home will not be the same as year's past.

"The first goal is to win here and not have so much Black and Gold in the stadium," Haslam said.

"Amen to that!" Council members shouted excitedly.

Haslam was asked if Cleveland Browns Stadium, under his new ownership, would get a facelift, including a retractable roof. He said they will bring in the top three stadium architecture firms in the nation to take a look at improvements, but didn't promise anything.

"We want to use that facility as much as we possibly can. We want to use it more than we can now," Haslam said.

Pepsi President John Comptom will take over Haslam's duties at his family's Pilot Empire, which many believe will free Haslam up to concentrate on building a winning Browns team.

"All I will guarantee you is we will work extremely hard to bring a winning team to the Browns. I felt pressure to win before, but while being here I really feel pressure."

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