Editorial: Cleveland the Comeback City - Take Two

WOIO Editorial: Cleveland the Comeback City - Take Two

(WOIO) - Fifteen years ago, Cleveland was widely celebrated as the "Comeback City"--  a dying town revitalized -- re-inventing itself with a rock hall, new sports venues and a renewed spirit.

Well, we all know what happened after that.  The explosion of new construction was reduced to a flicker.  Companies moved.  Jobs were lost.  The economy sputtered.  It's been a long, hard climb back, but maybe, just maybe we are poised for another comeback.

This past weekend, for example, Cleveland welcomed an estimated 200,000 visitors.  Drawn by several events that included the "Ingenuity Fest," "The Sparx in the City" neighborhood tour, a regatta on the river, a college football game at Browns Stadium and the annual Race for the Cure.  Now, one weekend doesn't make a come-back.  But it sure felt like one.

With an already robust downtown housing market, a casino, a new medical mart and convention center near completion, it could be that Cleveland is coming back, once again.

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