Cruel Cleveland couple charged with baby abuse

Cruel Cleveland couple charged with baby abuse

A 27 day old baby was hurt so bad that even veteran investigators are outraged and sickened. Now a mom and dad are facing charges.

David Voelker has been charged with felony assault and Crystal Ulery has been charged with child endangering.

Police say their newborn baby girl, only 27 days old, was injured at a home on W. 16th.  Cops say Crystal, the baby's mom, took her to Fairview Hospital because she had a fever.  Doctors there sent her to Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital after noticing the infant had been a victim of savage abuse.

She had broken ribs, bite marks, and bruises all over her little body.  The bruises were both old and new.  Doctors got social workers and police involved.

Dad, David, is accused of causing the injuries and mom is accused of not stopping the abuse or getting help.

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