Dads show support, walk students to school

Dads show support, walk students to school

Dads of little west side students took part in a Fathers Walk Thursday in Cleveland.

The walk is part of a national event taking place during the first month of the school year by fathers in more than 750 cities throughout the United States.

"School is very important, education is always important," said Cleveland dad Jesse Nicholson. "Make sure she gets up, gets to school so she learns every day."

The key to Thursday's walk was to make sure dads are involved in the day-to-day education needs of their children.

Research shows that kids with involved dads are more likely to develop a positive self image and will grow up to be more self-assured. Those kids also earn better grades, and are more likely to go to college.

"Their education is very important," said dad Irvin Maldonado. "I'm always involved, reading with them. It's a very good school."

"I make her read everyday, carry a book every day," said grandfather Clarence Geter.

"That helps, doesn't it?" asked Reporter Brian Duffy.

"Yes it does," Geter replied. "You can't do anything without it."

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