Voters weigh in on new Presidential poll

At a bingo hall on Brook Park Road, players are paying close attention to who's winning the current game, and who's winning in the latest presidential polls.

"I read up on my candidate and how he's doing in the polls," said Ralph Lucarelli of Cleveland.

The latest numbers show President Obama with a seven point lead in the Buckeye state.

"I think that most people, if they're undecided, are going to vote with the majority.  That's just human nature.  I think a lot of people who are on the fence will lean toward the poll," said Valerie Lucarelli of Cleveland.

"In this particular presidential race, I don't think the polls mean that much because they're so polarized.  They're so different, the two candidates, that people have already made up their minds," said Robert Opper.

When it comes to the upcoming election, these players want to know who'll be in the White House next year, and how it'll affect their take home pay.

"I am interested in the economy and what my lifestyle's going to be," said Phillip Beasely.

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