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Canton man accused of viciously attacking mother

John C. Mooar John C. Mooar

What John Mooar is accused of doing to his own mother has his neighbors shaking their heads.

One neighbor called him, "a low life somebody that doesn't respect anybody."

Police say the trouble started on Cottage Place, NW where Mooar lives with his mother.  The two got into an argument.  Their verbal fight escalated to the point where Mooar started grabbing anything he could find in his room and attacking his mother with it.

Police say she was hit with a boot, a belt and a floorboard and was hurt when they arrived.

"I heard the cop cars come in looked out the window there they were at the neighbors house," said Jeremy Mast.

His mom didn't want to press charges, but police did anyway.  They say she refused medical treatment.  Mooar took off before police arrived, but came back to turn himself in.

Stunned neighbors say they don't know Mooar and his mother very well, "They pretty much keep to themselves.  I've never even really seen them out except for yesterday."

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