Browns Friday: Pat Shurmur

Browns coach Pat Shurmur met with the media on Friday to discuss injuries, Josh Gordon, the Buffalo game and more. Here is the transcript from that press conference:

(Opening Statement)- "I really don't have much more to add, I think we've done enough talking this week. It was a good practice and with that I'll take your questions."

(On Jordan Cameron getting more snaps with Alex Smith out and his comfort level with Cameron as a blocker)- "I think he's a good blocker. I think he's developing into a blocker that you need to be in this league. Yeah, I feel like he can block."

(On how Josh Gordon is coming along)- "Josh is doing great. He's come along well."

(On if Gordon is making the progress he wants to see out of him)- "Absolutely, he's doing a good job."

(On if he thinks he will get consistent play from Brandon Weeden)- "I'm anticipating that he will have another good game. We're driving him to present good consistent play each week."

(On Weeden's preparation leading up to Sunday's game)- "It's been very good. I mentioned his preparation was really good in Week One as well. There were just things he got better at in Week Two. I thought he had a good week at practice."

(On the disadvantages of Buffalo playing the spread)- "I don't know about the spread, so to speak because they just spread you out. Regardless of the personnel they put on the field, they do a good job of keeping the field wide, so that there's room to run the ball and room to throw the ball as well. I think it's typical of a lot of teams that you play, but I think they do a nice job on offense."

(On if there are disadvantages because not every team does it)- "I think you've got to look at the personnel that you have, and what you're comfortable doing. I don't know any disadvantages if the quarterback will get the ball out and you find a way to run the ball with efficiency."

(On if C.J. Spiller reminds him of Reggie Bush style wise)- "I don't know. I guess I didn't compare him to Reggie Bush. I don't know what he would be like style wise. All I know is when they hand him the football, he can get in the end zone. He can make you miss, but I think the thing that stands out is that he is just fast, fast. He can run by angles and when he gets in space, he's very dangerous."

(On if the slant is Weeden's strongest throw)- "I wouldn't say that. We like throwing slants. It's a primary route in our offense. I think he can make all the throws."

(On how good Weeden is at throwing the slant where it needs to be)- "I think he throws an accurate ball on the slant route. Again, it's like anything, the timing of it is important. If the receiver is bumped, the timing changes a little bit. Then, each receiver runs it just a little bit different, although you coach it the same way. It's just like any route, you get used to who you're throwing to."

(On if Ray Ventrone will be available this week)- "He's had a really good week of practice."

(On how valuable Ventrone is on special teams)- "That's where he's kind of made his mark around here is on special teams. He's had a good week of practice."

(On Scott Fujita's athleticism at this point in his career and the team needing all the athleticism they can get when facing Spiller)- "You're suggesting we put Fujita down? You suggested it with your question."

(On if Fujita is slowing down at age 32 and if he slowed down at that age too)- "I thought he played well last week. I think we will put the players on the field that we feel give us the best chance to win. You're right I did slow down. I slowed down way before 32 quite frankly."

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