Gospel legend in Cleveland to campaign for Obama

Gospel legend in Cleveland to campaign for Obama

Grammy Award-winning gospel singer Yolanda Adams will be in Cleveland on Sunday, Sept. 23 to campaign on behalf of President Obama.

She will be sending off volunteers to register their friends and neighbors to vote and to talk to them about the importance of re-electing Obama.  Mrs. Adams will be at the Obama for America-Ohio, the Cleveland Office at 2:30 p.m.

Early voting starts in less than two weeks - on Oct. 2. The deadline for voter registration in Ohio is Tuesday, Oct. 9.

Adams will also discuss the choice in this election between two fundamentally different visions of how to grow the economy, create middle-class jobs and pay down the debt. It's a choice between President Obama's vision of moving America forward to an economy built to last with a strong middle class at its core, or Mitt Romney's vision of going back to "top-down" economic policies by cutting taxes for millionaires and billionaires while raising taxes on middle class families, and turning Medicare into a voucher program.

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