Frustrated Fans in Browns Town

Frustrated Fans in Browns Town

Browns fans are worried they may be hearing these words come April, "With the first pick in the 2013 NFL draft the Cleveland Browns select...."

Maybe that's a little negative but Browns fans are frustrated.

It's hard to stay positive, very hard, especially when before you can get settled in your seat your team is down 14-zip.

But that's what Browns fans, including Frankie Lewis were dealing with Sunday at the stadium.  "You got to come out firing with intensity, you got to be ready to go out and compete," said Lewis.

Some are pointing the finger at the head coach, Pat Shurmur. "It's a little demoralizing you know.  We're a young team  but year after year all this stuff is going on, we're not winning. I don't like the coach, so I hope he gets out of town," said Clevelander Ryan Catanese.

Fans are frustrated, but as usual with Browns fans they are not about to give up on their team.  "Once you're a Browns fan you're always a Browns fan. They're family, I'm going to watch them with one eye but I'm still going to watch," said Jackie Griffin.

The Browns have benefited from that kind of fan support for years.  The fans have held up their end of the bargain, the Browns, not even close.   But for some, including Megan Aldridge, a Sunday Browns game is about more than winning and losing,  "It's about getting together with friends, coming together for a greater cause, something to celebrate, tailgating with friends, but,"  Aldridge added, "it sucks they lose."

Yes, it does.

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