Browns head coach Pat Shurmur talked to Greg Little about posing

Browns head coach Pat Shurmur talked to Greg Little about posing
Browns head coach Pat Shurmur talked to Greg Little about posing

Berea (WOIO) - Browns head coach Pat Shurmur said on Monday he talked with receiver Greg Little about his posing after making a play the past two weeks.  Some fans have expressed their anger with Little dancing and posing after making a catch.

Here's what the coach had to say on Monday as he met with the media.

(Opening statement)- "I've got nothing much more to add than I did last night in terms of this past game. We're obviously moving fast towards playing the Ravens. What I will say is two three-and-outs, two punts that gave them field position and two scoring drives makes it 14-0 and until we become more explosive in all areas of our game, that's a tough way to start a game. Was our team ready to play? Absolutely. Did we execute efficiently? Absolutely not. When you start a game that way that's what happens. I felt like, just like every week, I thought our guys fought hard. We need to play better, we need to coach better, we need to do everything better and then we'll win games. With that being said, the fact that it's a short week we sped up the process of correcting yesterday and we're obviously right now working on playing Baltimore on Thursday. As you know we'll be out there on the field today and we'll have to amp it up and get ready to go down and beat Baltimore who won last night on the last play of the game. We all know they're a good team and they're even better when they're at home. It will be a big challenge for us, but we need to go down there and do it."

(On if he expects to have Mohamed Massaquoi this week)- "He's going to be day to day. There's not many days so we'll see."

(On if Alex Smith will be able to play)- "Day to day as well."

(On if one of the troubles of a Thursday night game is not having players available that normally would play the next Sunday like possibly Massaquoi)- "I think that's something we all deal with. I think injuries are part of it and they hit teams in different ways and the schedule falls the way it is and you've got to deal with it. There are no excuses and I think that's the way it is. Next guy up, if he can't go then Jordan Norwood's ready to go."

(On how disappointing it is not to be able to build off what was accomplished in Cincinnati)- "I wanted to build and win a game. That's what building is and we didn't get that done. That's what disappoints me, we didn't win. I think you saw the end of a lot of games where the coaches could say they didn't play well and they won and then there are some games when teams felt like they played well and they lost. It's about winning games and that's how you build."

(On his reaction to how loud the Buffalo Bills fans were at the end of the game)- "I would say this, we have to establish a winning tradition at home and that won't be the case. End of story."

(On the reason why the defense is not playing as well as it did last year)- "I thought yesterday we could have done some things better with our run fits and you guys can take that where you want. We had a couple plays in the red zone where they executed well and we didn't. Most of their explosive plays came in the run game, simple run plays that we can get corrected and then, of course, in the red zone scoring plays, you have to eliminate that."

(On if he is considering more lineup changes for Thursday night)- "We consider everything, but I thought Usama Young did a very nice job. I thought (Tashaun) Gipson, when he was in there, played well. Those were the two changes there."

(On if he wanted Eric Hagg to sit and learn by watching the game and if there is anything a player can learn from watching the game)- "Yeah, they need to. I think a player needs to learn every way possible. Unfortunately, you have to deactivate certain players and he knew ahead of time it was going to happen and he needs to learn from that. When you put a roster together you consider everything - their reps as a starter, their reps as a backup and then how they contribute on special teams."

(On if there are particular things he is looking for Hagg to get better at)- "No, I'm not disappointed in his play. We're trying to find the right combination of guys to go in, that winning combination, and that's why we did it."

(On what is preventing Greg Little from being productive)- "Greg is working extremely hard. Greg is extremely tough. Greg has got to be more consistent catching the football. That's it."

(On if Greg Little's "posing" is wearing on him like it is wearing on everyone else)- "Well, I can't speak for everyone else, but I've had my conversations with him about that. That can be said. Now, whether people see me ranting and raving on the sidelines at a player, trust me I have my conversations with him."

(On if his conversations with Little took place before or after the Buffalo game)- "All along I've had my conversations with him about all issues."

(On if he thinks Little is dedicated enough to being a good pro)- "I do, he works hard."

(On if drops were an issue with Little in college)- "We didn't see it. All receivers in college, nobody catches every single ball that's been thrown to him and as we know he didn't play as a senior."

(On what you do when guy like Little is dropping the ball)- "We've been working with him consistently - last year when we got him, through the offseason, through the preseason and of course each week. When he goes out in the game, he's got to catch the football. We have all the drills we do, we have a long list of things that we practice and we need to get better results. That's the reality of it."

(On if he would consider benching Little)- "We're going to try to get the best combination of guys on the field at all positions. We can't play a guy that's going to drop footballs, but I will say this, we have a young roster with young players and that's the reality of it too. We need to work with them and inspire them to play better. Now, am I dealing with that and are we working with that as we go along? Absolutely, but that's not an excuse, that's the reality so we all need to do better."

(On if he is considering expanding Joshua Cribbs' role on the offense)- "He's had a role each week and he was in there a couple other times when we didn't get him the ball. I think he's been very productive with his returns and I think of those as offensive plays as well."

(On what he has learned from seeing different guys playing in the secondary)- "We're looking for the right combination, that's what I've learned. In the last two weeks we haven't found it yet so we'll just keep working. I do think we saw some things yesterday that encouraged us. Usama Young is back, he was injured to start the year. I thought he played a physical game at safety. I thought he did some things that we needed to see from him so that's good. The combination of he and T.J. (Ward) and then (Tashaun) Gipson in there a little bit, that combination of those three guys, in my opinion at the safety position, we learned something good there."

(On if he can say that big plays given up were because the team is so young)- "No, I think when you see correctable mistakes of things you've practiced, some of it's because of youth, but I think they're all players. We're a quarter of a way into this season now so in my mind their not rookies anymore."

(On if Reggie Hodges' Achilles injury is affecting him)- "I don't know. I think that's something to be considered. I think we need to play better at all positions including that one."

(On if the Bills' first touchdown was a result of a breakdown of communication in the Browns defense)- "No, they ran a screen and they crossed the formation. We've got to cover. That wasn't a new play. There's no communication there."

(On T.J. Ward saying after the game that the defense is having communication problems)- "Did he say that? Okay, well you'll have to ask him to follow that up. I watched the tape and see where there are breakdowns. I don't know if that's the case."

(On how close Phil Taylor is to practicing again)- "He's getting close. In a couple of weeks here he'll be out there. There are rules about that of course in terms of when we can bring him back, but he's getting close. He's doing all of his rehab and getting himself as ready as he can be not being on the field."

(On how the players are feeling today – embarrassed, determined, disappointed)- "You're always disappointed when you lose, because there's a great deal of effort that goes into it. I've said it before, gameday never gets old. You go out there with the idea that you're going to play well for 60 minutes and win a football game so they're disappointed. Now, the professional reality of it is, you have to put that aside, make your corrections and move forward. That's where I want them to be. Should they be upset? Absolutely. Should they be discouraged? Absolutely not. Should they be disappointed? Sure, we all are. That's where you're at. You cannot be discouraged, you just keep fighting. I look and we've got 13 games left. It's about winning your division, so you can get into the playoffs. Nobody in our division has won all their games. We've got a division opponent on the road with a great opportunity to get the ship righted on Thursday night."

(On if he worries at all that losing becomes acceptable to the players)- "Nope because the locker room is right. We've got the right kind of guys. I don't worry about them getting discouraged. I don't worry about the locker room because I know what the message is, and I watch them day in and day out go to work. I don't worry about that."

(On if Alex Smith's absence is a reason for the difficulty they had blocking)- "Alex is a tough guy and he does a good job for us when he's in there. I wouldn't say the tight ends blocked poorly in his absence. We went and used different personnel groupings a little bit more because we only had two tight ends. I think generally speaking, we've just all got to do a better job, whether you're an offensive lineman or you're blocking the perimeter. I think it's fair to say we have to play better."

(On the lack of a running game)- "We've got to get more out of it. I think it's fair to say that. Especially early in the game, you want to be able to run and throw the ball when you want to. We were faced for most of the middle of the game there down by 14. Ideally, you would like to be able to get ahead by halftime, be ahead. Then you can lean on the running game a little bit more in the third and fourth quarters. That's the ideal situation. When the game does not play out that way, then the numbers get skewed a little bit. Trent (Richardson) had 12 rushes, but we threw him the ball, so he had 18 touches, more than anybody else. That happens."

(On six yards being the longest rushing gain)- "Right. We've got to get more out of it. We didn't have any explosive runs."

(On if the two short passes near the 50-yard line were check downs)- "One was a screen, which is a solid first/second down call, a screen pass, against a defensive line that's pretty good at getting pressure."

(On if the pass to Benjamin Watson was a check down)- "No, we were trying to throw him the football."

(On Weeded was responsible for some of the sacks by not getting the ball out quick enough)- "No, I've always felt sacks are a team thing. There are times when you tend to hold the ball a little bit and we don't want to be doing that. There are times when, we had some third and long, long situations, which you need to avoid. However you get there, you don't want to be in those situations."

(On Weeden saying he played well aside from his interceptions)- "We've all got to play better. I would be disappointed if he was walking around saying he played well. We've all got to play better."

(On what the toughest part of the Sunday to Thursday schedule is)- "I think we all deal with it now in the league. We are used to this calendar. I've been used to it other places I've been. You've got to just amp it up, get your plan in. You tend to see teams doing things that are - I wouldn't say fundamental and basic - but things they've been working on all year. We've had all year to watch Baltimore so it's not like we're surprised by a Thursday night game. We know it's here."

(On Jordan Cameron)- "I thought he showed up and did some good things. There were some things, by the way they played defense, where we felt like there were some tight end throws we could make. He had an opportunity on a go ball in the red zone there that you saw. That would have made it a great day. I thought he made progress."

(On Cameron being a big target with good hands)- "He's got skill and ability to be a receiver and he's improving as a blocker."

(On if Cameron slowed up on the go route)- "No, he was running fast."

(On what he's seen from Travis Benjamin)- "He's got good hands and he's fast. We've found ways in every game to try to get him the ball, whether it be reverses or attempts to throw it to him. He had his opportunity. He dropped one yesterday, right in his hands. He's like everybody else, when they throw it to, you've got to catch it. I think he runs extremely fast. He's displayed an ability to catch the football. He gets us in the end zone, which he did. I think that's the important thing. Trent ran the ball in the end zone, which is good. We threw a ball to Travis, where he got us in the end zone. That's good, that's what you want."

(On if the punt coverage was different against Buffalo than the one against Adam Jones in Cincinnati and what he told his guys to do)- "When you have an outstanding return man, you want the ball to go there and over there, and then you cover it. It all is coordinated. If it's the ball not where it needs to be at the right time, and your coverage has break downs, then you get plays. In terms of what we're telling our guys to do, we just need to get better."

(On if Weeden didn't have enough open receivers during the game)- "I think we had guys open. Again, everything's coordinated, so he can throw in rhythm. He had some inaccurate throws in my opinion."

(On if he talked to Greg Little about his dropped passes yesterday)- "How many did he drop? He dropped a pass."

(On what the next step is after talking to a player like Little)- "We'll see, but I think the false interpretation of all of this is he's not being worked with. Trust me, he's being worked with."

(On if he will change what they do pregame to make sure they don't come out flat)- "I don't think we came out flat. Did we execute well? No. But flat? I don't believe in that term. Our guys were ready to play hard. We just didn't play well. We always look at ways to get a faster start, that's for sure, but I don't think we were flat. We didn't play well."

(On Cribbs being on the third team and not getting a ton of reps)- "He's not a third teamer. He's in the game. I know what you're getting at - put him in the lineup more? Throw him more balls? All good ideas. I know what you're getting at."

(On if Cribbs will be in more as a receiver)- "We'll see what we can do. Again, each week is different. As I mentioned, he does a good job with the returns, and in my opinion those are offensive plays."

(On if Weeden is over and under throwing some deeper sideline passes)- "When you get opportunities to throw the ball down the field, we've got to hit on them. It's a combination of things between the receiver and the quarterback. I would say it's safe to say that we're taking more of those shots this year than we did last year, now we've got to hit on them better. You only get a couple of them a game and the ones you get, you've got to hit on them."

(On if Weeden needs more loft on throws)- "Each throw is a little bit different, depending on where help might be, whether it's a safety or the relationship of the receiver to the defender."

(On if Weeden is still adjusting to it being windy here)- "No, it was pretty windy in Stillwater. He's alright. He understands all that."

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