Impatient Driver in Court, Carl Monday Busts Sexting Detective, Toys-R-Us Hiring

Shena Hardin
Shena Hardin

The Cleveland woman caught recklessly driving around a city school bus went before a judge Tuesday morning. 32-year-old Shena Hardin was cited for not stopping for a school bus. She pleaded not guilty, and is due back in court next month for a hearing.19 Action News viewers took matters into their own hands to help cops nail Hardin earlier this month. Witnesses say Hardin drove on the sidewalk on a daily basis to avoid waiting for the school bus on East 38th Street in Cleveland.Fearing a potentially dangerous situation, the bus driver captured the act on cell phone. The bus driver then contacted the Third District Police before starting his route. Officers waited for Hardin, and caught her in the act.

They sounded like they were lifted from the pages of a steamy sex novel. Or an X-Rated movie script. "guess I can tell you I wanna see you naked."  What they really are, are titillating text messages traced to the cell phone of a Cleveland Cop. Veteran police detective Vincent Lucarelli. Carl Monday and his investigative team uncovered one thousand pages of phone records, containing some thirty thousand texts sent or received by Lucarelli. The officer did some of his texting while on duty at the 5th District Police Station. While investigating crimes, and in one case, during a police chase. Even more troubling, Lucarelli exchanged texts with at least nine women. Some of them were victims or suspects in crimes in which he was investigating. Private Investigator Brenda Bickerstaff told Monday there's a lot of good cops out there, but added, "he's not one of them."

Toys R Us has announced it expects to hire 5,000 more holiday workers this year compared to 2011. The toy retailer plans to add 45,000 temporary employees at their stores nationwide. Toys R Us said the extra help will be around through the 2013 and could possibly lead to full-time employment.

Julia Tullos, WOIO Assignment Manager