Seahawks/Packers call shifted $150 million in bets

Seahawks/Packers call shifted $150 million in bets
Seahawks/Packers call shifted $150 million in bets

(WOIO) - If you had money on the Seahawks-Packers game Monday night, you got to experience a pretty dramatic swing of emotions. Either you got absolutely screwed by the Hail Mary touchdown that probably wasn't, or you got a gift from the gambling gods.

Before the game, the Seahawks were 3.5-point underdogs, and if the Packers' 12-7 score would have stood, all those who bet on Green Bay (apparently, the vast majority of those gamblers) would have won. Instead, Golden Tate snatched an interception away from Packers safety M.D. Jennings (or so said the replacement officials), scored the touchdown and changed the betting outcome.

So, how did this impact the gambling community?

John Avello, director of the race and sportsbook at the Wynn Las Vegas, told's Darren Rovell that his best guess was that $150 million worldwide was shifted on the game's final play based on what might have been a faulty call by the officials. Jeff Sherman, assistant director of the sportsbook at the Las Vegas hotel, told Rovell he thinks Las Vegas alone took a $15 million hit.

Want an even more extravagant number?

Danny Sheridan, who sets the odds for USA Today, said he thought that $1 billion was shifted because of the call.

Either way, decided to refund those who had bet on the Packers, saying it was the right thing to do.

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