Woman shocked by peeper in local restaurant bathroom

Woman shocked by peeper in local restaurant bathroom

ROCKY RIVER, OH (WOIO) - A woman out for a nice dinner had her privacy invaded by a peeper.  It happened in the bathroom of a popular restaurant.

Rocky River Police arrested 53-year old David Coughlin Tuesday.  They charged him with a list of things including voyeurism.

"A male had been in the female bathroom spying on someone that was using the bathroom facilities.  The female screamed and the suspect took off," according to Rocky River Police Chief Kelly Stillman.

An employee at the Panera Bread on Center Ridge Road called 911.

911: "911 do you need police, fire, or ambulance?"

CALLER: "I need police.  This is Rocky River Panera and I have a peeper in the bathroom and he was watching some of our customers."

Employees chased Coughlin down several blocks and that's when police caught up with him.

The victim didn't want to talk on camera but she told 19 Action News that she's afraid to use a public bathroom, fearful someone is watching.  She says thank goodness her little girl wasn't with her in the stall when Coughlin decided to spy.

"He was lying on the floor with his head underneath the stall peering up spying on what she was doing," said Rocky River Police Chief Kelly Stillman.

Cops say they're familiar with Coughlin.  He has a lengthy criminal record that dates back to 1988 and it includes voyeurism.  Detectives say the victim and Panera Bread employees did everything right to get the accused peeper locked up.

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