Dish Mob at Johnny's

Dish Mob at Johnny's

At the original Johnny's, you can expect a nice mushroom marinara and a modest crowd in the dining room on a Thursday. But today, ownership is going to be dish-mobbed.

"We're trying to get as many people as possible to shop local and eat local, and making sure people are supporting their local businesses," said Cash mob's Cleveland-based creator, Andrew Samtoy.

He says the year old concept grew out of a leadership retreat.

"Last summer was the summer of the negative flash mobs that we saw in Coventry and Shaker. What ended up happening was we were talking about that...first they were good, then they were bad and we wanted to make them good again," said Samtoy.

The family run restaurant, happy to host!

"With the economy, things can get a little rough around the edges.   But when you have the support of the local community it seems to even out," said owner Sheila Santosuosso.

"September and October, they're very slow months for restaurants so what we wanted to do was put people into these seats," added Samtoy.

Fans of their food got the word out.

"I made a few phone calls, sent a few texts, said 'Let's go to Fulton'," said customer Mike Cierebiej.

The dish mob served up the new customers, now it's up to Johnny's.

"In a situation like today, we have an entirely new group, that's wonderful exposure. But we need to make sure that experience is consistent," said Santosuosso.

If you'd like to suggest a location for a future dish mob or cash mob, send an email to