Indians Shake-Up, NFL Refs Back!, School Report Cards

A big day for Cleveland sports fans.  First, a big shake-up for our struggling Indians.  Manny Acta is out,  But a fan favorite is stepping up to the plate to take his place.  What's ahead for our Tribe?  Tony Zarrella will break it down.

Plus, the zebras are back!  The real NFL referees take the field tonight.  And you can bet, that will impact our Browns as they take on the Ravens.

Our children are our future, there's no doubt.  But a new report puts Cleveland public schools on the brink of academic disaster.  They've been there before.  What can possibly be done to keep them from a state take-over?  We'll tell you about their plan.

And you probably know what a flash mob is, but now there's something new.  "Dish Mobs" are trying to breathe new life into the local restaurant business.

How you can take part, at 6.

I hope you'll join us for 19 Action News at 6.

Denise Dufala