SOUND OFF: Browns fall to Ravens despite last minute rally

SOUND OFF: Browns fall to Ravens despite last minute rally

(WOIO) - It was a hard fought battle, but Cleveland lost to Baltimore with a final score of 23-16.

And a scary moment for fan favorite Josh Cribbs after he got blasted by Ravens player Dannell Ellerbe in the first quarter during a punt return. Cribbs' helmet was knocked off and he stayed down on the ground for a few minute before walking off the field on his own.

The Browns kept pace with the Ravens for most of the game until late in the fourth quarter QB Brandon Weeden threw a Hail Mary to end the game, but Ravens player Paul Kruger got nailed on a roughness penalty, giving the Browns one more shot. Weeden put one up again on the last play, but the pass sailed incomplete to end the game.

Browns Coach Pat Schurmur said that it was a close game, but it came down to a play or two and his team didn't make those plays.

Thursday's game was the first time the regular refs took the field since the lock out ended. The fans cheered wildly for them.

Schurmur said the refs were great, but that he also had confidence in the old replacement refs.

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