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Laketran restores service cuts made in 2009

SOURCE: Laketran SOURCE: Laketran

Laketran has temporarily restored service cuts that had been made in 2009.

A recent vote by Laketran's Board of Trustrees will provide weeknight and Saturday local bus routes and Dial-a-Ride service for the holiday season. The extended service hours will be reinstated from Saturday, Nov. 3 through Saturday, Jan. 12.

The extended hours temporarily restore services back to the levels Laketran operated before the start of the economic recession which resulted in significant losses in sales tax revenues leaving Laketran no alternative in 2009 but to reduce services.

"In 2009, Laketran did everything in our power to avoid service cuts through reducing budgets, downsizing, and freezing salaries, but faced with dwindling sales tax revenue and uncertain federal and state aid, we had no other options than to reduce services. Through prudent budgeting, we have found a means to bring service back to the community - even if it's only temporary. We felt that restoring bus service during the holiday season would best serve the community to increase access to holiday job opportunities and encourage shopping in Lake County," explained Ray Jurkowski, Laketran general manager.

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