Human Bones Found At School Site, Murder Trial Donation, The Captain Comes to Cleveland

Contractors make a gruesome find in Cleveland.  They discovered human remains at the site of a new school.  Bring in the homicide detectives.
We'll bring you the latest on that.

It's one of the most famous murder cases in history.  The Sam Sheppard trial.  Well we might soon be learning new details about it.  We'll explain.

Plus, Hollywood is coming back to Cleveland.   Another big movie slated to be filmed in our fine city.  Entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet has the scoop.

And we have a 19 Action News health alert on a new home testing kit to hit the shelves.  Can you believe they're coming out with a kit to test for AIDS at home?

We have the story.  Plus if any news breaks, we're on it.

I hope you'll join us for 19 Action News at 6.

Denise Dufala