Plain Dealer affected by newspaper decline?

Plain Dealer affected by newspaper decline?

On May 24, the New Orleans Times-Picayune scaled back print operations to three days a week. Considering the same parent company - Advance Publications - owns the Plain Dealer, there's speculation it could be next.

A media analyst report states advertising revenues for newspapers are down $4 billion in the last four years and the reason seems to be all around us in the form of smart phones and laptops.

In 1994, the Plain Dealer built a new, $200 million state-of-the-art distribution center in Brooklyn. In 2002, it built a $38 million office building in the heart of downtown.

But digital competition took its toll and by 2010 the Plain Dealer's advertising revenues and circulation were down 8.1 percent.

There was no comment today at the Plain Dealer when asked about the possibility of the paper only printing three days a week. But the paper is said to be dipping into an emergency fund to save it from the three-day format.

When the Plain Dealer's parent company scaled back the print schedule of the Times-Picayune, the community was given a three-month notice. So far, no such notice has been given to the Plain Dealer.

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