For Sale!: Homebuyers wanted in Garfield Heights

For Sale!: Homebuyers wanted in Garfield Heights

GARFIELD HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - Michael Sorbin remembers the good old days in Garfield Heights, "I remember leaving the house in the morning and not coming back at night.  My mom never had to look for me.  She knew I was around here somewhere."

Sorbin still lives in his childhood home.  The market collapse forced him to stay put.  "I decided to hunker down and fixer up."

But now there seems to be an abundance of homes on the market, some not in the greatest shape.

"It's a shame some of the rundown places especially on the next street.  There are two homes that are boarded up and when I grew up here you never saw that," said Micheal Sorbin.

So, the city of Garfield Heights decided they would be proactive in the housing market and host a fair.  Home buyers could meet with everyone from Realtors, to city inspectors, to the school Superintendent.  A steady stream of potential buyers showed up.

Carla Greene says she may now put an offer in on a property here,"This is definitely a deciding factor in making that decision."

The city is offering anyone who buys a home a free family recreation center pass for one year and no longer is requiring money for city inspection repairs right up front.

Other cities may want to follow suit because these incentives plus the fair are credited with selling close to a dozen homes last year.

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