Dire situation at Ashtabula County APL

Dire situation at Ashtabula County APL

ASHTABULA, OH (WOIO) - A dire situation at the Ashtabula County APL.

Officials at the shelter may be forced to do a mass euthanasia next week because of overcrowding.

19 Action News has learned the APL needs to adopt out 60 animals, or they will be forced to start putting the animals down.

Irene Fiala gets choked up when she thinks about what may happen, "It's heartbreaking, we do everything we can for them."

Over the past week alone, the Ashtabula County APL has been overwhelmed.  Seven-year-old Rusty has been at the shelter for nine months and is the first in line to go.  He has an expiration date of October 14, but could be dead by tomorrow if any more dogs are dropped off.

"Within the last few days, we've been inundated with the Warden bringing in a number of stray animals.  In five days, we received 31 dogs, that's a third of our capacity," Fiala told us.

There are too many cats too, but it's the dogs that are in the most life-threatening situation.  Adoptions are down, probably due to the economy.

"I think a lot of people have gone through foreclosure, moving into rental units that don't allow dogs."

Many just dump their dogs, and they end up in the shelters.  But being homeless may cost them their lives.

If you can help, visit the APL's website here.

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