Rex Ryan: Mark Sanchez is "definitely our guy"

Rex Ryan: Mark Sanchez is "definitely our guy"
Rex Ryan: Mark Sanchez is "definitely our guy"

Mark Sanchez had his third consecutive horrendous start for the Jets, going 13-for-29 for 103 yards and one interception against the 49ers. He has now completed only 49.2 percent of his passes this season with five touchdowns (three were in Week 1) and four picks.

Despite that, and the presence of Tim Tebow behind Sanchez, Rex Ryan said Monday that Sanchez is "definitely our guy."

"He's definitely our guy," Ryan said. "We've had some poor performances in the past and not just from our quarterback but our team. We've been whipped pretty good. I'm confident we'll come back. And I'm confident we'll respond."

Ryan pointed out he gave the team Monday and Tuesday off this week because he wants to work with the coaches and determine a way to get the Jets back on track both offensively and defensively. And he also continued to state Sanchez "gives us the best opportunity to win," but did leave the door open for eventually making a change.

"I just know in my heart that this is not the time (for a quarterback change)," Ryan said. "I think Tim is an outstanding player. I think Mark is. Right now, I think Mark gives us our best opportunity to win. And I will always do what's in the best interests of this team, and that interest is what gives us the best chance to win. No matter who it is, whether it's left tackle or right guard, we'll certainly look at that."

There are myriad issues with yanking Sanchez out of the starting lineup. The Jets have no skill-position weapons, so it doesn't really matter who's under center at this point. Anyone playing against the Texans, whom the Jets get next week, is going to struggle. Pulling Sanchez from the starting lineup is the definition of a confidence-killer. Tebow starting only will provide more unwanted (it's unwanted now, you've got to think) attention for the Jets, win or (more likely) lose.

Bigger problems also exist for Ryan's team. Its rushing defense is ranked 31st in the NFL. They aren't going to have Darrelle Revis for the rest of the year. They can't run the ball right now. It would be difficult for any quarterback to step in and save the Jets, much less a backup who isn't fantastic at throwing the ball. Remember, Tebow Time existed because the Broncos ran the ball well and played impressive defense. If the Jets can't do that, no amount of quarterback changes is going to save this season.

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