City Councilman Zack Reed: Let's fund schools the right way

(WOIO) - Hi, I am Cleveland City Councilman Zack Reed.

Since 1997, the Ohio Supreme Court has ruled – four times – the way public schools are funded is unconstitutional. And since 1997, four governors have kicked that can down the road.

Columbus continues to cut funding from local school districts and residents are being left to make-up the difference through tax increases.

And now our local leadership wants to further raise taxes for homeowners in the city Cleveland to pay into the schools in what amounts to an unconstitutional system.

After forcing residents to pay for trash removal, higher water and sewer rates, Cleveland homeowners are again being asked for more.

On, or before November 6, you must decide -- is it fair to pay more of your limited income into a broken system?

Let's find a balance that is fair for all.

Thank you.

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