Battling the Bulge, Vet Ripped Off , Survival Story

Are you battling the bulge?  It's becoming an epidemic crippling our country.  People are not just overweight, the number of adults 100 pounds or more overweight is skyrocketing.  Tonight, the obesity epidemic, and why women's waistlines are growing faster than men's.

A thief ripped off a disabled veteran.  Ed Gallek has details on this heartless crime you'll see only on 19 Action News.

Ohioans are joining the movement to get dangerous dog treats made in China off store shelves.  We'll tell you how you can join the movement.

And an incredible doggy survival story. A little pooch was hit by a car, and stuck in the grill going 50 miles an hour!   But she lived to bark about it!

Romona and I hope you'll join us for 19 Action News at 11.

Denise Dufala