Elyria man posts "Wanted, Dead or Alive" sign in front lawn

Elyria man posts "Wanted, Dead or Alive" sign in front lawn
Lawn Sign on Chestnut Ridge Road
Lawn Sign on Chestnut Ridge Road

ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) - The man behind a sign that says "Wanted, Dead or Alive: The thieves that robbed my home" has been getting a lot of positive feedback from the community.  People are thanking him for standing up to protect what's left of his property.

Burglars didn't just break into Scott Kanuch's home in Elyria.  They ransacked it, trashed it and robbed him or forty-thousand dollars worth of coins, collectibles, antiques and heirlooms.

"I have a clock that I got from my great aunt that was over 300 years old.  It's so old it had wooden gears in it.  And you're not going to replace that," said Kanuch.

He is still sick about what was taken.  And months later, the crooks haven't been caught.  So he had the sign made up and posted it on his lawn along Chestnut Ridge Road.

"It's offering a reward.  It's not threatening anybody.  It's not hurting anyone," says Kanuch.

His home was robbed back in February, so why put up the sign now? He tells 19 Action News Reporter Jen Picciano that many of his neighbors were robbed recently, and he doesn't want to get hit again.

"The people need to know, they need to protect themselves.   I'm afraid somebody, a home owner, is going to get hurt," he says.

Kanuch says Elyria Police have more than they can handle.  So he's happy to help hunt down the thieves.

"I think the police are doing an excellent job but there's so much of this rash thieving going on they can't keep up with it," said Kanuch.

"These punks, or young thieves…they don't know who they're messing with. "

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