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Enough is Enough: "Bully X Project Film"

"Bully X Project Film" "Bully X Project Film"

Bullying -- it's been in the headlines a lot lately.  In fact, in several stories this week alone on 19 Action News.  Now there's a new tool to help put an end to it.

Janis Mohat's son Eric shot and killed himself after being bullied by classmates.  The 17-year old never told his parents.  Janis says she found out at his funeral five years ago and she's made it her mission to get the word out.

"Stop the hate speech.  The name calling.  The physical aggression.  The verbal aggression," said Janis Mohat.

There's a new anti-bullying movie called the "Bully X Project Film" written by dozens of students in the Cleveland School district.  Thursday night a special premiere was held at the Lakeshore theater in Euclid.

Dashawn Emory says he was picked on. Now he plays the role of a guy who stands up for a girl getting bullied.  "When other people bully people that means they got some anger inside them so they want to use it on other people."

As for Janis and others who want to put the brakes on bullying -- it comes down to saying enough is enough.  "It's got to stop.  Tell someone and if that someone doesn't do anything tell someone else.  If that person doesn't do anything go tell somebody else until somebody stands up."

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