Cleveland Firefighters Hurt, Meningitis Outbreak, Fall Superfoods

Breaking news tonight:  Three Cleveland firefighters sent to the hospital.  They were hurt while battling a fire on Hillman Avenue.  Two suffered burns and one reportedly fell down some steps and hurt his back and head.  We have crews covering every angle of this breaking news.  Look for the latest developments at 11.

Plus, a meningitis outbreak that's already killed five people.   Is your family at risk?  We have the 19 Action News health alert you don't want to miss.

They are the people who try to protect your children from child predators lurking online.  Tonight, Paul Orlousky has a special report, taking you on the front lines in their war room.

And the super foods that will help keep you healthy all winter long.  We'll tell you what to stock up on.

Romona and I hope you'll join us for 19 Action News at 11.

Denise Dufala