Richardson misses practice for birth of his child, will play Sunday

Coach Shurmur's Friday presser
Coach Shurmur's Friday presser

Berea (WOIO) - Trent Richardson missed practice on Friday to be with his girlfriend for the birth of his third child. Richardson will play on Sunday though.

Coach Pat Shurmur's press conference took place before it was official about why he missed practice.

(Opening Statement)- "There is nothing really to add to the week's preparation. As you noticed Trent (Richardson) wasn't out here. I'll just address that right away. He was excused for personal reasons. Him not being here at practice will not affect his game status so we'll put that to bed."

(On if he can say where Richardson is)- "It's just personal. I'll let him tell you when it's time. That's all."

(On if Richardson is in town)- "Yeah, he's in town. He's fine."

(On if he expects Richardson back at the facility today)- "He'll be around, sure."

(On if Richardson is injured)- "No. There's no injury and it will not affect game status. I'll go back to that. I expect him to play."

(On it being reported online that Richardson is at the birth of his child)- "Wow, information spreads fast."

(On if he can confirm those reports)- "I'll let him tell you that. It's personal."

(On if Richardson will be here today for them to ask)- "We'll find out. Any of us that maybe have had a child, you can't time that up. That's personal."

(On if he can say anything more about Richardson)- "What do you want me to say? He's not here, it won't affect game status and you guys get information in the background here that sounds pretty accurate. That's what I can tell you."

(On what kind of practice week Richardson had up to this point)- "Trent had a great week of practice."

(On what has made some of the younger guys have good practices this week)- "I think when you watch practice - beyond effort, I think they always practice hard - their focus, concentration, attention to detail, that kind of stuff."

(On how T.J. Ward looked the past couple of days practicing with a cast on)- "He looked good. He was out here yesterday with it of course. He had to let it settle down for the first couple days and then of course he did everything today."

(On what kind of season Ward is having)- "He's had a lot of production. He's a tough guy that plays the game like a safety should. We're just hopeful that he can keep it going."

(On what he's thinking for the receiver spot with Mohamed Massaquoi and Travis Benjamin out)- "The other guys will play so what I'm thinking is, you have Jordan Norwood, you have Greg Little, you've got Josh Cribbs and you've got Josh Gordon, those four guys, if in fact those guys aren't here."

(On if those are the receivers that he is going with on Sunday)- "Come on now. Let's not play that game. I don't want to talk about injuries, okay? I know you all have to ask. It's an important thing. I'm really not trying to be evasive, I really am not, but you will see who practiced today."

(On if he does anything different with the offensive linemen going against the Giants defensive ends)- "No, I think it's important that we do a good job. If we have a play action situation, make sure we're selling the run. That's always important. Then in drop back situations where it's an obvious pass, they've got to really read their keys and how they're lined up and what we anticipate they're going to do."

(On how James-Michael Johnson looked this week)- "He had a very good week. I watched him pretty closely because he hasn't been out here much. He practiced fast. He looks like he's ready to go."

(On if Johnson is still playing strongside)- "He's working at both outside linebacker spots."

(On if has seen guys that have missed practice for personal reasons be able to pull it together for gameday)- "I've seen guys go through family situations, personal situations and play outstanding games. I think what's important is that he just tidies up on the preparation that he did miss, which I know he will."

(On how Ward has played this season)- "I think he's played very well. We're anticipating that it will continue. We feel good about how physical he is. We feel good about what he does within the structure of our defense."

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